Some years ago God gave me an assignment and a call and like a lot of people, moses, I said God I can’t do that, people not going to listen to nothing I have to say. First of all I was to busy looking at all the sin in my life, I had committed and was truly trying to change and If i was looking at it I knew people was looking at it. So for years rather than feel I was being disobedient I prayed and did what I thought was going to cover the assignment and the call. Using the very spirit and call that God spoke to me but not surrendering to do it completely, so years have past and I just kinda hid but it was always like when I would feel gods spirit he was trying to tell me something, so 2 sundays ago God let me no the call nor the assignment hasn’t gone . Torres had a post that read , you will not move out of that place until your assignment is done. I had been praying still about the assignment but God let me remember the so real visions that he has shown me, and who he is, They hated me before they hated you. He who comes to christ must believe He Is. And that he is a rewarded of those who diligently seek him. He is faithful, if God has a call an assignment for you he will supply what you need. I’ve been broken, hurt, humiliated, disgraced. Didn’t feel like I fit, And that is my call, that’s where God wants to work, I’m not highly educated but I no what it feels like to be rejected , that it hurt so bad that you wake up in the morning and ask God why? That’s where god wants to work. It want be nothing I can do but let people no Jesus does care jesus does love you. God is the one that can heal that kind of hurt. with his compassionate Love, May not do it from behind a pulpit, may be Walmart, grocery store, maybe in just post on fb, but if we reach and touch one person that’s hurting, thinking of suicide, some abused person , some one who feel like they just existing on earth, not living, Just One Person . To God be all glory.