“Single Standing Strong” is a ministry that God had birth in me to help the singles with their daily walk by overcoming the works of the enemy.  “Single Standing Strong Ministry” comes to inspire, empower and motivate the singles to maximize their life that God has blessed them with while remaining Single. This is a season in a singles life where they are able to accomplish the things that may be hard for them to accomplish while being in covenant with their spouse once married.  God has blessed the singles with talents, gifts and vision to carry out along with getting their house in order.  Getting their house in order means working on their finances, improving themselves in different areas of their life that need improvement.  This could vary from their attitude to the way they live their lives.    The time is now in your singlehood to build your relationship with God, to learn more of him and to chase him like never before.  To allow his Glory to rest upon you as a Single person.

Torree MunsonI strongly promote living a celibate life, which is a beautiful thing. Maintaining a celibate life until your husband or wife comes is so important.  In a spiritual following this is God’s word; requiring being discipline and focused on the bigger picture until marriage. I believe that a single person should wait until marriage to indulge in sex. Sex is an action that takes place between two married people that are in covenant with each other.

The enemy wants to still your Singlehood and mislead you to doing what he wants you to do and not the father.   but, my God has allowed me to walk through this season of my life where I am able to pour into the Singles and help them Maximize their Singleness.  Living Single and Celibate is Powerful!

SEX IS FOR THE MARRIED IN COVENANT!  Some of these singles want SEX without the RESPONSIBILITY OF SEX!!!!! SEX is too powerful for the NON COVENANT KEEPERS.”


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