Hi Torree, I’m sorry it took so long to give my testimony. I was invited to your event by my good sister friend Shontay Thomas. I didn’t know what to expect but It was a mission for me to make it out. Why was it a mission? I’m a mother of two very active athletic teens and a caregiver to my mom. Everything was working against me getting there on time and once I got there I had to leave sooner than I planned to pick up my teens. Your message for those who are divorced spoke to my spirit. I never thought I was ashamed of being divorced until I heard your message and then it hit me like a ton of bricks I have been a shamed especially when I see my classmates , church members and associates are still married and going strong. Your message made me realize why I have been in unhealthy relationships since my divorce I honestly feel like I thought I wasn’t worthy of having a mate who is really in the truth. Now that your event watered the seed that was planted some time ago I’m Now focused on living saved and single and waiting for who God wants me to be with. I find that my thought process is totally different. Whether I’m totally happy with my surroundings or not I am satisfied with where I am in life and I believe God has that special one for me when hes ready to reveal him to me. I look forward to your next event.