Thank you Eld. Torree Boyd for being Obedient to the Voice of God in bring light to a taboo subject with Boldness and Grace. The Bible says you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you Free and So many Women are being Set Free through her Obedience and I am one of those women. Currently I am going through a divorce after being married for 18 years. We were separated for almost 10 months and during that time I felt empty and looked for that void to be replaced leading down a path of making decisions that did not please God. Because of the death of my mother-in-law we attempted to reconcile but things only got worse for me mentally and spiritually. God allowed me to finally get to a place to really understand the marriage was over. Now I have to tell myself I have to Live this Faith walk out For real but I really wasn’t completely ready to. I seen Eld. Torree post on Facebook about her class and my Spirit instantly said I had to be there. The Spirit of God was prevelant when I walked in the room. (To be Honest) I had told myself Charity you not getting that T-shirt though because that means we go have to walk this thing out For real, For real. By time that Class was over I knew it was time for me to take my stance and I got me a T-shirt reading “Unapologetic Celibate Until I’m Married.” She said So Much that Blessed me but one thing that stood out was *Protect Your Anointing and *The 3 D’s: Determination, Dedication and Discipline. I am Excited about my future and I know with every temptation that comes God has already made a way of escape because it’s His will that His Daughter walks this thing out Pleasing to Him.