Torree and I attend Believers Temple. I have grown so much and have met some awesome women that serve God whole heartedly. She has a power within her that one Sunday during altar call pulled me right to her, and ever since it has been nothing but pure love and transparently. I will get discouraged and she said, ” No, No, it’s going to get better and to stay encouraged. It was like I was having a face to face with God himself. I was thinking about your conference and the first thing that came to mind was I’m not single but I am single because I have to work on myself and allow God to work on my husband. I have broken areas in my life that has nothing to do with my husband that I need to work on therefore all I can do is be a vessel for God so he can change me and everything else will work out. When I put myself aside it’s all for God’s glory. Just a little testimony. My husband sold drugs and lived the thug life and although the money was good, it wasn’t my salvation nor his. After 5 years I couldn’t do it no more. I told him I couldn’t continue to shack up. I had already had two children out of wedlock and I knew that was wrong. He stop selling drugs and we got married. As of today we have been married for 9 years (It will be 10 February 2019). We have the same issues as other marriages do, but I will never give up because I made vows to God. If it wasn’t for God, Torree, my bishop and first lady I would have left my marriage a long time ago, but the enemy has no victory here. Thank you so much Torree I love you my sister 💕