I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Mre.Torreboyd as of yet. This book found me at a time when I completely thought God had given up on me. I lost my husband of 11 years in 2017, I went from being God fearing to having some doubts, I had to find a second job outside of working my career as a RN of 24years. I gained weight kids in college bills was pulling up and to top it off I was scared and truly Lost. And this officer told me about a book his wife wrote and told me I should read it, I brushed it off. All the while I had been asking God to give me a sign or anything to let me know I’m not alone. The next day Same person mentioned it again I said ok. The next time I saw him before he could ask I said okay where is it. When I say I got the book and read 2 chapters and (Psalms 118:8) sort of stunned me awoken me. And as I got farther into this book I Promise to God I felt as if this book was for me. All the doubts and doubting went out the window. Once I finished this book I prayed and prayed more. God sent this book with a message from out of no where. And I just want to thank you sooooo much for writing this book, and letting , God guide you while doing so. You change me this book help me when I thought God had given up on me.. Thank you thank you thank you I’m so looking forward to what’s next.